A cool shirt with a cool mint that keeps you cool!


Belicleen Cold spray for clothes,Mint scent, flower scent

This product contains alcohol Do not use if you are sensitive to alcohol or have weak skin.

● Press the button several times when you start using it.
● If you are worried about discoloration or stains, try before using it in an inconspicuous place.
● Do not use this product upside down.
● Do not spray while wearing clothes.

Contents: 200mL
Ingredients: polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate, ethanol, L-menthol, fragrance, water

[Precautions] ● Do not use if skin is abnormal.
● If you feel sick or redness, swelling, itchiness or irritation (skin, nose, throat) etc. occurs during use, discontinue use.
● Be careful not to get this in your eyes. If it gets in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water without rubbing and consult a doctor.
● Do not drink. If you get it in your mouth, take measures such as drinking water and vomiting, and consult a doctor.
● If used by children, please use under the supervision of a parent.
● Please do not use for any other purpose.
● Do not use near fire.
● When using, please ventilate well.
● Be careful not to inhale.
● If it adheres to building materials or furniture, wipe it off immediately.
●Do not use on leather, fur, artificial leather, or kimono.
[Precautions for storage] ● Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
● Please keep out of reach of children.
●Please do not refill other containers.
● Do not store near fire.