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Company name BELICA Co., Ltd.
CEO Yasunobu Fujii
Vice President Zenfuku Sakai
Head office 〒530-0043
Avalon Building, 4-15-12, Tenma, Kita-ku, Osaka
Phone 06-6352-7734
FAX 06-6352-7793
Business content
  • Import of cosmetic containers and related materials
  • Manufacturing, sales and import/export of cosmetic ingredients
  • Import and sale of household goods, miscellaneous goods, and promotional items
  • Consulting and support for cosmetics companies expanding into the Chinese market (In particular, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, raw material procurement, factory start-up support)
  • Import and export sales of foods and food additives
  • Import cosmetics sanitation license application in China
  • Shrink film sales
History Established on January 5, 2005
March 2005 Commenced business of exporting cosmetics and daily necessities
July 2005 Joined the Osaka Chamber of Commerce
October 2005 Started consulting business on Chinese cosmetic import
Acquired cosmetics manufacturing and sales business and cosmetics manufacturing business license in November 2005
June 2006 Started cosmetics OEM business
September 2006 Import business of cosmetic containers started from China
September, 2007 Export business of Uze products started
May 2008 Export business of Goshu Pharmaceutical products started
June 2008 Commenced production and sales of shrink film (Berry Shrink®︎)
Sales tie-up with Mitsui & Co. Plastics Trading Co., Ltd. for in-house product “Shrink Film Berry Shrink”
March 2013 Brunei, Malaysia begins export
October 2017 Established local branch office in Shanghai, China
October 2017 Opened inspection center and distribution warehouse in Guangdong, China
November 2017 Spin-off of “Berry Shrink Co., Ltd.”
March 2018 Export of in-house household items started
June 2018 Opened China TMALL flagship store
March 2019 Reiwa begins sales of in-house products in Japan