If you leave the filter dirty, you're in trouble!

Air conditioner filters catch dust and debris in the air, so they gradually become dirty and make it difficult for air to circulate. When this happens, the air conditioner becomes less effective and consumes more electricity trying to suck in more air.
Moreover, filters are prone to odor and mold because of the condensation inside the air conditioner during cooling, and the mold that is generated is spat out by the air conditioner and can cause allergies and pneumonia if inhaled.
You can easily clean such filters by simply spraying them with water.

Just spray it on and run it with water to clean the filter!

Alkaline ions (negative ions) generate the same effect as a surfactant, lifting and removing dirt that cannot be removed by wiping with water.
Since the detergent is made of water, it does not leave any residue on the filter and is easy to rinse off, making it easy for anyone to clean.
It also removes dirt, mites, and bacteria, which are the source of odors, and has a sanitizing and deodorizing effect!
Ichigeki-kun Air Conditioner Filter Cleaner removes dirt and grime, so you can use your air conditioner comfortably and cleanly!

How to use

Spray evenly over the entire filter, then rinse with water. For persistent stains, spray and brush, then rinse. After that, let it dry completely.
*In case of heavy dust adhesion, please remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner before spraying.
[Cannot be used] Items that cannot be wiped with water, lacquerware, leather, silk products, aluminum, copper, brass, precious metals, jewelry, gold leaf, varnished furniture, glasses, painted surfaces of automobiles.


Ichigeki-kun Air conditioner filter cleaner

For cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing the filters of home appliances such as air conditioners and air purifiers.
Be sure to remove the filter before spraying. Do not spray directly onto home appliances. It may cause malfunction.

This product can easily remove dirt from filters of air conditioners.
By adjusting the concentration of alkali ions (negative ions), the same effect as that of a surfactant is generated to lift and remove dirt that cannot be removed by wiping with water.
The alkaline ion (negative ion) concentration is adjusted so that it has the same effect as a surfactant.
The detergent is made of water, so it leaves no residue on the filter and is easy to rinse off.
Not all bacteria can be sterilized. (It is not effective against Staphylococcus aureus.)

Capacity: 300mL
Composition: Alkaline electrolytic water
Liquidity: Alkaline

[Precautions for use] ● Cannot be drunk. ● Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose. ● Please use as soon as possible after opening. ● If swallowed, drink water and consult a specialist. ● Should this get in your eyes, rinse immediately with running water and consult a specialist. ● Do not use on face or body. ● People with sensitive skin or hypersensitivity are recommended to wear gloves and masks. ● Do not use in places where there is a risk of short circuit or electric shock. ● Keep out of reach of children. ● If you are worried about whether it can be used, try it in an inconspicuous place before using it. ● Product appearance specifications are subject to change without notice.
[Storage method] Do not store in places where it cannot be used, such as places exposed to direct sunlight, places with high temperatures, places where it freezes, aluminum, and varnished furniture.