Flooring that is easy to get dirty

Flooring is prone to getting dirty due to various causes in the living environment, such as oil and water droplets in the kitchen, spilled residue from meals in the living room and dining room, and sebum on the soles of the feet when walking barefoot. If the dirt is left as it is, it will darken and it is very unsanitary.
Keep your flooring clean and comfortable by cleaning it easily with a clean flooring habit.

Dilution-free flooring cleanliness habit

The flooring cleanliness habit can be used as it is in the undiluted state. To use it, just spray it on the flooring and wipe it off. Anyone can use it easily.
Floors that can be used are various types of floors such as flooring floors (resin-coated wooden floors), vinyl floors (cushion floors, seat floors), plastic floors (tile floors), and stone floors. You can do it, so you can clean the whole house with this one!

how to use

* Please wear rubber gloves to protect your hands when using.
① Before use, first remove dust and dirt from the floor.
② Prepare a clean “dry (wet) mop (or rag / cloth)”.
③ Spray this agent directly on the floor. (Or spray it on a cloth.)
④ Wipe off the part you want to remove dirt. * For stubborn stains, repeat steps ③ and ④.
⑤ Let the floor air dry.


Ichigeki-kun Flooring cleanliness spray type

Polish the flooring cleanly to remove daily stains.
* For dirt such as “coffee / tea”, oil, dust, dust, etc.

[Standard working area]
Approximately 25㎡ (15 tatami mats) at 500mL * Please use this product as it is without diluting it.

[Available floor]
Use for cleaning flooring floors (resin-coated wooden floors), vinyl floors (cushion floors / seat floors), plastic floors (tile floors), and stone floors.
* Wax cannot be removed.

Net amount: 300mL
Ingredients: Surfactant (polyoxyethylene alkyl tail), solvent, alkaline agent

[Precautions for use] ● Cannot be drunk ● Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose. ● Please read the usage and use it correctly. ● Product packaging and specifications are subject to change without notice. ● Ventilate well during use. ● Keep away from infants and pets during use.
[First Aid] ● If you feel any abnormality in your eyes (including when there is no pain), you may lose your eyesight if you leave it as it is. Rinse it with running water for at least 15 minutes without rubbing. Please bring the item and consult a doctor. ● If it gets on your skin, immediately wash off the soapy water thoroughly with water. * If you have any abnormalities, please consult your doctor. ● If swallowed by mistake, immediately rinse your mouth and drink 1-2 glasses of milk or water. Please consult your doctor with this product.
[Precautions for storage] ● Store and use out of reach of children. ● Please keep away from firearms, direct sunlight, hot and humid places. ● Keep out of reach of infants and children.
[Disposal method] ● After the contents are used up, dispose of them according to the disposal method specified by the residents’ association.